The Beginning of the Way

The Beginning of the Way project is characterized by a concept that suggests a divine (or cosmic) origin of consciousness. Thus, Zigura affirms the idea that consciousness is determined by an absolute beginning — a higher mind. The author reveals the topic of individual consciousness through the prism of the dependence of the material component of existence on the ideal one. In other words, consciousness has an attraction to matter only for a certain period, until consciousness merges with the universe with its last breath, shedding its covering like a dirty garment.

Egor Zigura’s project is unique at least because it almost abandons the narrative, destroying the distance, thanks to which the viewer understands that it is his or her personal story in front of him or her. Investigating emotional intelligence and the ability to organize one’s own emotions, Zigura once again proves that our behaviour is a complex combination of the conscious and the unconscious. And we are able to manage ourselves only to a certain extent. 



Edition: 10

H - 45 cm, executed in 2022