he individual’s existence, evolution and changes in personality over the course of a
lifetime draw social boundaries, impose societal limitations, dictate behavioral models and
introduce inviolable taboos. Therefore, one’s inner life is probably the only sphere that can only be
fully grasped and adequately appreciated by the individual him- or herself. To grasp the real world
that surrounds us, we have to filter it through the lens of our inner perceptions. Everything existent,
tangible, visible and audible is only real insofar as our senses are open and developed, only insofar
as our mind remains unprejudiced.

The series Shift is comprised of various sculptural portraits of an individual in bronze: one is
calm and poised (one’s external side), the other anxious to the point of panic and despair (one’s
inner side). This demonstrates the painful split or fracture in the mind; in such a case, it becomes of
vital importance that an individual reloads the new present and the new future.

The project, entitled Shift, began with the sculpture Shift of Consciousness, which embodies the
concept of radically different aspects in our interactions with the real world. The series also includes
works Thinking, Lockout, and graphic works.


Edition: 8

80 х 75 х 75 cm, executed in 2017