The AfterToday series (2010 – …) represents the author’s confession, where art addresses to contemporaries through a flexible language. The project consists of a cycle of Colossuses, each of which reflects one or another society condition or the artist’s inner emotions. It was an iconic heritage of antiquity to form the project basis. However, Egor Zigura creates his figures fragmented or misshapen, which is more inherent to a postmodern vision. 

The main idea - vulnerability of civilizations – is revealed by a clear example of the material and spiritual losses of humanity. Industrialization and globalization have already reached the farthest Earth corners. The wars we are waging; catastrophes we are to blame on became ever more terrifying – the planet is cracking under pressure.

A kind of prototype for the sculptor’s artworks was the reproduction of the Greco-Roman mythology plot created by a Spanish artist Francisco Goya. «El Coloso» (1812) – is an allegory of confrontation, people’s tragedy. The painting depicts a militant, determined figure. The heroic position of the giant symbolizes a call to action.

Zigura’s Colossuses visualize values deformation of the modern civilization. Disorientation creates problems and conflicts that lead to destruction.

Each of us represents the main driving force that can initiate changes; the most significant thing is the realization of our own freedom.

Edition: 10

H – 105 см, executed in 2017