Colossus Holds Up the World


People always have an idea of what stability, eternity and inevitability is. It’s something that one can look at for hours at a time, patiently observing a unique perfection. But what if these impeccable ideals could take a look at us? What would they see in our ever-changing civilization?

Starting from the Renaissance, people used to draw on the classical antiquity. But despite the inseparable connection of generations, contemporary people had achieved much more as industrialization and globalization have reached all corners of the earth. Sculpture Colossus Holds Up the World expresses this idea. The endurance and strength of the majestic titan embodies the image of a powerful bearer of global problems. Our society doesn’t have a holistic structure, it is a fragile and incomplete mechanism that requires major efforts to function properly.




Edition: 10

Height - 200 cm, executed in 2016