The Unity Sculpture

The Unity sculpture, which was created by Zigura brothers and installed in the park on the Dniprovska embankment, has inextricable relationship with the environment.

Ukrainian astrophysicists were working with the creators and the sculpture is placed on a particular spot, so that every day on the sunset the sun would shine directly between a man and a woman.

The sculpture is made of over 1000 polished stainless steel rods and tubes. It is more than 4.5 meters in height and almost 4 meters in width.

Egor and Nikita Zigura had used welding technique before. Their joint project, sculpture called New Prometheus, is located on the territory of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. In addition, new work of art named «R / evolution» created by Zigura brothers is installed in the heart of Dnipro city.

The Unity sculpture and land improvement were implemented through the initiative and with the support of the International Charitable Foundation Keep Life and one of the regular patrons of the foundation Olexiy Kotkovsky. Art management is provided by

Place: Dniprovska embankment 2A

Photo: Olena Saponova