Colossus that Rebelled

"Colossus That Rebelled" is a central figure of the AfterToday cycle. The project consists of a series of Colossuses, each of them transmitting one or another state of the society or the inner experience of the author himself. The main idea conveys is as follows: humankind has to attain self-knowledge beyond vague ideas, trite clichés, dubious values and empty dreams, winning the hope for a future filled with spiritual values reaching back to antiquity. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the artist embraces the imagery of the Greek art and culture of the Classical Antiquity that has strongly influenced subsequent European culture with its high aesthetic and moral ideals. This is the only character from the author's series calling for action. From a static state he turned into motion, from calmness and silence a cry was born.


Edition: 8

186 х 87 х 50 cm, executed in 2017