Colossus Holds Up the World

Humankind's collective consciousness holds stable, eternal, permanent images. One can admire them for hours, calmly observing their inimitable perfection. But what if these images looked back at us? What would they see in our swiftly changing, weak, faltering civilization? Would they think that humankind was hurtling towards a precipice?


Ever since the Renaissance, our era has been steeped in the legacy of the Classical Antiquity, and our civilizations have a lot in common. But we have achieved more: industrialization and globalization have reached all corners of the globe, our wars are ever more destructive, and the planet is cracking under our pressure. We live in the consumerist era, and this might be our downfall. Our civilization’s collapse might prove more cataclysmic than that of any ancient culture. The sculpture Colossus Holds Up the World explores this theme. We believe that we rule the world, but our society and our civilization are not cohesive: they represent a fragile and imperfect mechanism.



Bronze, stone

Edition: 15

100.3 x 34.3 x 27.9 cm, executed in 2016